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As a child, L. E. Berry grew up enthralled with recitals by his grandmother, Oretta, performed in the oral tradition of griots, the West African storytellers. He developed his love for a good story along with an appreciation for vivid imagery through tales she passed down from the generations before her.


Born into an Air Force family, Berry moved from place to place and lived at various military bases around the world. L. E. often felt like an outsider in the new communities. He used his creativity and his undeniable abilities in art, inherited from his mother, Anna, to communicate and to help establish friendships during his family’s frequent relocations. 


Prior to suffering a stroke in 2011, L.E. Berry worked as an accomplished visual artist and digital motion producer. Albeit unforeseen, at the age of eleven, he had taught himself to draw using his left hand in case he lost the use of the right one. 


Through studies of Art History, L.E. Berry developed an interest in the art of the pre-Renaissance period troubadours and considers them the world's first pop stars. In fact, their literary expressions of romantic love inspired the narrative for That One Almighty Thing.


He now lives in Northern California with his partner, Irina, and their two french bulldogs, Tobias Augustus and Cyrus Aurelias.

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Notable Praise from Readers

    That One Almighty Thing takes us into the past to a time full of political intrigue with characters who endeavor to reveal the truth of misused power and reinstate the lost laws that will bring balance back to the people.

    L. E. Berry is a skilled author who leaves no detail unexplored, fleshes out his characters with color and intricate detail, and brings this story to life in a way that had me there on the streets of Provence, fighting alongside Anwar for justice and hope of a better future.

    I cannot recommend this work highly enough. True talent, thrilling read.

Marni Macrae,
International Award Winning Author of LADY SUN

    That One Almighty Thing is a story of love and loss, mystery, and greed. Berry wields a story that has a little bit of everything saturating the plot.

    There wasn’t a dull moment as I read this book. The author skillfully navigates through deepening the mystery while familiarizing the reader with the main characters’ wants and skillsets. This is a book that you’d start in the afternoon, thinking it’d be one of those reads you could set down, but end up reading through the late night.

    This is a wonderful mystery and I can’t wait for book two!

Maddy D.,
Beta Reader

    It’s so hard to find a historical novel that explores so many emotions and events that are still relevant to present-day topics and controversies. Racism and gender identities, sexualities. These are many of the things that have come to the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. It’s important that we, especially younger audiences, try to learn from the past. We’re supposed to learn from history, but we can read That One Almighty Thing and see that we as a people need to try harder. 

    I have no doubt that this book can change people.

Anteria Hawbaker,


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