Professor P. Hootentoot's

Black and White Ball

A Celebration of Self-Worth!

Amelia and Ambrose are two skunk siblings growing up alone in a mystical forest. They experience a crisis of self-esteem after they are confronted by a callous peacock for their lack of fur color. A kindly snowy owl steps up to bolster the youngsters with a party in their honor.

Professor P. Hootentoot's Black and White Ball is a story of mentorship and a celebration of self-worth.

Illustrated by Ukrainian artist Marina Skiba.

From Amazon reviews:

Artfully Crafted-Equity and Inclusion. - Maureen Erickson

A fabulous book for young readers! - T. K. Madden

A wonderful book about what it is like to be different and how we should all treat each other. - Myles Knapp